Our Process

Requisite Video Productions is dedicated to creating the suitable yet high-quality web video production that delivers solutions to your business needs. We achieve this through a multi-step process that covers all production phases to create the best end product possible.



During the initial phase, we talk with you about your business, current challenges and your goals.  Then we work with you to determine the target audience and analyze the best online platforms for distributing your video.  Including:

  • Your business’s website
  • Facebook, Twitter, blogs
  • YouTube channel, Vimeo channel
  • Determining the target audience for these platforms
We determine the optimal and most efficient strategy to achieve the results you want and provide solutions to your business’s challenges.


Next, we use the initial strategy as a template to establish the video’s content, message and format.  During this phase we work with you to:

  • Determine the key messages you wish you convey
  • Solidify the target audience
  • Develop the video’s concept, story arc and format


During our pre-production phase, we work with you to solidify the content and direction of the video through:

  • Location scouting
  • Storyboards
  • And/or scripts
Our pre-production process allows for hassle-free, efficient shooting days and ensures your vision and message carry through to the next phases.


Because of the time spent during the past three steps, our production team is greatly prepared for the shooting days.  Our crew works fast yet nimbly for a thorough and efficient production period.   During the shoots we provide:

  • Director
  • Camera Operators
  • Assistants


After filming wraps, our team of highly-skilled editors will assemble your video.  We also provide our clients with multiple drafts for their feedback.  The previously determined strategy, message and story concept lay the groundwork for a more efficient post-production phase.

  • Video/audio editing
  • Custom video graphics
  • Titles
  • And more

Delivery and Distribution

Requisite provides clients with an additional step following post-production in which we assist with the delivery and distribution of your finished video.  We will format your video to whichever online platforms were previously decided on for distribution.  Delivery and distribution can include but is not limited to:

  • Creating custom YouTube channels with graphics
  • Uploading and optimizing your video
  • Consulting on how to embed your video
  • Consulting on how to best manage your video

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